ATA Software Support

ATA provides several levels of support for our software products. In addition to direct e-mail and phone support, ATA offers two additional web-based support mechanisms. The first is discussion forums, and the second is the Technical Issues, Enhancements, and Requests (TIER) database. Both are important and extremely useful means for getting support for our software products.

ATA Discussion Forums

The forum provides a medium for ATA’s in-house experts and software users worldwide to share helpful hints, troubleshoot common problems, and search previous discussions. Items ranging from installation issues to performing specific tasks in the software are discussed. Futhermore, there are sub-forums for each application within our suite of engineering analysis software and Siemens PLM software that is supported by ATA Engineering. This makes it easy to find the specific topic of interest for all participants. The software developers responsible for the various software products participate in these forums, so it is a great place to get answers from the experts. Registration is free and is required in order to participate in the forum. Please enter the forum to find out more about registering.

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TIER Database

The TIER database contains bug reports and enhancement requests for our software products. This is a place where you can submit issues or enhancements. You will be notified whenever the report is updated, so you can track the progress of your report. You can also search the other reports in the database to see if your issue has already been addressed. This is the primary method that ATA uses to track both internal and customer-reported issues. Registration to the database is free and is required in order to enter.

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