Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) Analysis

cfd-analysisComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the process of numerically solving fluid dynamics equations to predict resultant flow fields. It is used to model a rich variety of flow phenomena, as well as to define thermal and structural loads on bodies immersed in fluids.

ATA is experienced in performing CFD analyses for aerospace and industrial customers. Our services include analysis of subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic flow regimes, as well as single phase, multi-phase, and reacting flows. Typical applications include flows over launch vehicles and stands, airframes and airframe components, rocket plumes, fuel tanks, heat exchangers, and turbomachinery.

We are also experienced in solving complex fluid-structure interaction (FSI) analysis problems including development of cutting-edge FSI methods for hypersonic vehicles under funding from the Air Force Research Laboratory. Detailed descriptions of some of our CFD and FSI work are available on our technical publications web page.

CFD Analysis Process

Our services encompass the full range of tasks required for comprehensive CFD analysis, including:


  • Problem definition
  • Hand calculations
  • Geometry cleanup, simplification
  • Creation of computational mesh
  • Flow simulation
  • Post-processing of simulation results
  • Flow visualization
  • Reporting and assessment of key metrics
  • Interpretation and comparison of results
  • Recommendation and implementation of design changes
  • Interfacing or mapping CFD results to other analysis tools
  • Test planning and support
  • Data processing, posttest analysis, and model correlation

Depending on your needs, ATA’s experienced CFD analysts can perform the entire CFD process or focus on specific steps. ATA also provides independent CFD model review services.

PressMap Software

Map pressures from your CFD solution to your structural mesh.

Structural Analysis

Let ATA help you optimize and qualify your structure to meet requirements.

Thermal Analysis

Gain insight into your thermal environment with our thermal services.