Window_washingATA supports the design and analysis of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment integration into completed buildings and other structures. For example, large equipment such as suspended platform window washing systems or operating room fixtures have components that rely on the building structure to transfer working loads to ground. Often this equipment is added to the building or structure after design and construction has been completed and so additional analysis or test may be required to qualify that the structure can accommodate the new equipment. In addition, the interface hardware for the new equipment may need to be designed and modifications made to the structure to support the equipment while meeting all safety and strength requirements.

Designing Solutions to Exceed Requirements

Operating_roomProper attachment to an existing structure can be challenging and requires unique insight into customized installation techniques while still ensuring building, as well as equipment, integrity. Equipment operation coupled with building and/or structure design require creative problem solving techniques. ATA’s strong history of solving challenging mechanical and structural design issues in a diverse industry base allows us to quickly arrive at the right solution for a particular set of constraints.

ATA works with equipment manufacturers, building engineers, appropriate reviewing bodies, and the installing contractor to ensure that all necessary regulations are met while achieving proper design intent. ATA has experience verifying structures through the use of calculations based on building plan drawings as well as explicit qualification testing where drawings and/or inspection is not available or able to provide enough detail. ATA is staffed with licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) that have familiarity with both OSHA and OSHPD regulatory requirements.

Scope of Services

ATA’s building equipment integration services include the following:

  • Equipment attachment/integration design
  • Engineering project planning and development
  • Testing support and oversight
  • Construction/Installation drawing generation
  • Construction engineering support
  • Plancheck submittal and review support