Product Success through Advanced Engineering

ATA Engineering, Inc (ATA) is an engineering consulting firm that provides innovative solutions through test- and analysis-driven design by focusing on the engineering needs of manufacturers in addressing their cost, quality, and time-to-market challenges for mechanical and aerospace systems.

ATA staff are experts in the design, testing, and analysis of complex mechanical structures. We use testing and analysis coupled with computer-aided engineering and mechanical engineering software to solve challenging problems in a wide variety of industries. Our engineering services include structural design, structural dynamic response analysis, stress analysis, thermal design and analysis, modal test, operational and qualification testing, model correlation, durability analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and vibro-acoustics. We also conduct training classes on the use of computer-aided engineering software in performing these analyses and tests.

ATA is also a value-added reseller for Siemens PLM Software. To learn more visit our Siemens PLM Software reseller website.

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Learn how to perform your own dynamics analyses with ATA’s training courses.